Saturday, January 24, 2009

For Your Reading Enjoyment!

1. Favorite Ice Cream: ! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough...honestly though, I only like it so I can eat the cookie dough.

2. Favorite Vacation: I think so far, Toronto...It was so cool, it was fun and I love how canadians say "eh"

3. How Many Siblings Do You Have? 3 - Phillip (23), Stephanie (19), and Brandon (17). There there is also my step sister Andrea (25 - i think) she is my step mom's daughter. And there there ate my 6 step-siblings from my step dad...but I don't know their names, I have never met them....they are all older and married with kids. I think a couple are actually missionaries.

4. Type of Toothpaste You Use: Crest Pro Health

5. Favorite Cookie: Pumpkin Oatmeal Raisin cookies

6. Favorite Candy Bar: Mr. Goodbar

7. Celebrity you met or came close to meeting? Rupert from Survivor

8. What Do You Like Most About Facebook? Keeping up with friends...

9. What Do You Like Least About Facebook? the stupid ad's

10. Favorite Movie(s): I have to pick just one? Over The Hedge and Moulin Rouge are good.

11. Favorite Color: Blue and Green with brown...(kind like my blog background)

12. If You Could Change One Thing in the World, What Would it Be? Free travel...

13. If You Could Select Your Hair, What Color Would It Be, Style, etc.? Brown, straight, with a cut choppy blog (I am sick of curls.)

14. Coffee, Tea or Milk? Coffee = nasty; Tea - not warm, only ice tea; Milk = awesomeness....1%

15. Favorite Salad Dressing: Um blue cheese and honey mustard

16. Leno or Letterman? Leno

17. Do You Prefer the Weather Hot or Cold? warm, but more like cook

18. Choose One: Horseback Riding, Surfing or Skiing? horseback riding

19. Most Embarrassing Moment? um....too many to name

20. Favorite High School Moment: Graduation....getting hugged by O.P (my DARE officer)

21. If You Had to Pick One Resource Book, Which Would it Be? Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Theasaurus? : I guess an encyclopedia...

22. If You Could Have Lived in any time era, which would it be? I am pretty happy where I am.

23. Favorite Sport? NFL Football - Go Colts!

24. Favorite Month of the Year: May

25. Pick one: Rainy Day, Foggy Day, Snowy Day? Rainy days - I love that rain is relaxing


Carrie said...

Ooh, I like your new title! Thanks for sharing this- don't be surprised if I steal it for my blog! :)

Heatherlyn said...

I like your blog background too. I think your list is interesting. I'm a colgate total person, myself. :)