Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Confessions...

I feel like I my life is boring right now...not much to talk about in the mommyland area - well other than all the snot and hacking coughs that have taken over my son, but you don't want to hear that now do ya? So I decided to take down my super mommy shield and share some things you may not know or want to know about me.

My Confessions:

1) I am addicted to Gilmore Girls...I watch it over and over and over and over...and I think everyone needs a Sookie and Lorelei and Rory in their would make life much more fun.

2) I have been bit by an ostrich. Yes, as in the bird...when I was little my family went on a trip to the Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo, in Ft. Wayne Indiana. In the "Africa" area, they have a raised walk way. We stopped and were looking at the zebras and ostriches and I had my finger through a hole in a wire fence and all of sudden, up raises an ostrich and it bites my finger. I proceed to cry and such and my dad is like, "Ostrich's don't bite." He puts his finger in the hole as well and he too, gets bit by the ostrich. I laughed and to this day, I still think it's hilarious.

3) I am very very insecure.

4) I have a piece of pencil lead in my right leg.

5) I try to keep things organized, but when I to, I forget what I did with certain things, so there for, I am a very unorganized organized person.

6) Yo Gabba Gabba creeps me out...I mean, it's like the new freaky Telatubbies.

7) Cooking is fun and very therapeutic for me. I am one mean garlic chopper!

8) I went to college at Cincinnati Christian University where I majored in Children's Ministry.

9) Want to make me happy, give me a coke zero - I will love you forever.

10) I have a very unhealthy obsession with reality tv.

11) So I was watching the Westminster Dog Show and fell in love with the Tibetan Mastiff...huge, but beautiful dog. Someone want to buy me one? Well, first I need a house and not a two bedroom apartment, but then I would love one!

12) My hubby and I met online...through a yahoo group. I didn't like him in the beginning...but he won me over with his modesty and charm (well, really just his charm!)

13) I am currently looking out the window at a double rainbow....SO pretty!

Ok, that's all for now...I will do more some other time. Got to go make dinner! :)


Heatherlyn said...

I love double rainbows. And I met my hubby online too, but randomly in a chat room. I wasn't trying to meet anyone at the time. Life is funny.

Anonymous said...

so fun to learn more about you! love you!