Monday, August 24, 2009

Food For Thought

So I have been on this kick recently - a food kick.

I HEART Food! I love eating it, but more than that, I love cooking food. For me, cooking is therapeutic and relaxing (as long as P-town isn't in the kitchen!) To me there is nothing like standing over my stove, putting effort into something so tasty and so aromatic. It's great, it's fun, and it makes my house smell good.

I have been learning just in the past few months that you can - in fact - make good meals on a budget. Also, you don't have to have a gourmet kitchen (though, honestly, I'd love one...) and you can be very inventive. I.E. the other day, we needed to eat what we had in the house - which was not much. So I made Chili Hot Dog Burritos - SO GOOD! Took me 5 minutes and I cleaned out my pantry and kitchen some.

I just love food!

Saturday night, a couple of girlfriends and I went and saw Julie & Julia! It was a great movie and really struck something in me. I wish I had the time and effort to cook through Julia Child's cookbook - but honestly, it's just not going to happen. Also, I don't like seafood. The only "seafood" I eat is tuna, salmon, clam's and occasionally shrimp - as long as it's breaded because the veins gross me out. But, I had a thought after watching that movie. What if I do something like what Julie did with Julia's cook book?

Here is what I came up with... See, I tend to think that certain recipes are going to be way to hard for me to make (like pork tenderloin for example.) Or, I think, oooh, that would be fun to make, but I don't have state of the art kitchen needs. I live in an apartment with a typical apartment stove. My cookware- well, it's old and leaves something to be desired. But, if I have been able to make "fancy" things before (home made Salisbury steak anyone?) then I certainly can make other things too. So my idea: For the next few months - write out a list of recipes, foods, desserts I think sound yummy, but I have been to scared to try (because I don't think I can do it.) Starting in January (or maybe earlier) - cook one recipe a day or week (depending on money and such) for a set amount of time and do kind of like what Julie did, share my experiences, recipes, ect. on this blog. It can be as "simple" as Bruschetta or as difficult as duck a l'orange (though I don't think I want to try duck.)

I think it would be good for me to do it, to experience making gourment food on a budget and learn new recipes. I really want to do this...I just need to figure out all the details!

I am going to do my best, also, to do Fun Foods Friday's again, because I am cooking more with recipes and less with hamburger helper - and no I am not to proud to admit I like easy food out of a box - sometimes, it's just the easy food I need.

On a completely different note - I just found that The Chairman from Iorn Chef America, will be on dancing with the stars. He was one of the people on the "who-on-earth" is that list: Mark Dascasos:

And seriously, am I the only one who finds him super cute? He can come judge my food anytime! :)

If you would like me to add a recipe to make, I'd love to try some of your ideas as well! But it's up to you!

Oh and here, the recipe for Chili Dog Burritos:

4 Hot Dogs
1 can Hormel Chili
4 tortillas
Shredded cheese

1. Cook hot dogs in way desired - broil, boil, microwave!
2. Dump chili into small saucepan and warm over medium high heat for 3-5 minutes.
3. Warm tortillas in microwave.
4. Assemble burrito: slice hot dog in half so it will lay flat and place on tortilla. Spoon chili over hot dog, top with cheese. Fold tortilla into burrito.

The great thing about this recipe, you can do it different ways, use leftover chili, whatever size tortilla you want, add whatever toppings you want. It's a great way to clean out the pantry. And, you can use whatever kind of hot dogs you want - I eat either all beef or turkey - I don't like the mystery meat kind ;) Also, I did one hot dog per person - this would serve four, but if you want more hot dogs in the burrito - add it, I am not gonna stop ya!


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Renee said...

Mmm, I love to cook too! I just wish I had more time for it. I like your hotdog burrito recipe, that is one I think I'll have to try sometime! I look forward to more of you posts on cooking and recipes.