Sunday, November 29, 2009

A lot to update

Hi Friends,

Sorry I haven't updated as much as I should be! (I am LOUSY!) Life is busy and crazy and I have some updates for you!

First of all, Parker had his first hair cut a couple weeks ago and he did great! If any of you have me as a friend on facebook, I posted pictures! He looks so stinking cute! And his hair is curlier now on top! He did great, he sat very well and enjoyed trying to see how everyone else was getting their hair did! He even got a certificate - which is proudly displayed in his baby book!

Parker is 18 month old today. I just CAN'T seem to believe it. My little man is half way to 2! He's been getting in the test mommy stage. He knows exactly how to push my buttons! :) but I love him nonetheless. He's walking very well, eats table food and is off formula. It's great to have a toddler that actually feels like one! He's still taking PT, OT and ST** and doing so so well. We are starting to see process - he gets it now. He does a lot of vocal mimicking and has a few more words. He now says - uh-oh, baby, meme (which is mama to him), yah, and whoa! He waves bye bye now and even knows that in order to go bye bye you have to find a door. He recognizes words like milk, cup, kitchen, ball, Elmo, window...and I can give him very basic commands and he will do them. (example: Go get mommy the ball...) We are working with songs that have motions - he knows "if your happy and you know it" and "patty cake!"

We are mostly ready for Christmas here in the Northern household! I put up all the decorations I could on Black Friday (I refuse to go out and deal with the insanity!) We still need a tree - but this year we get a real one so I am excited to go get that this week! We had a lovely thanksgiving this year, quiet but with a lot of food!

This next month promises to be VERY busy for us. Our church Christmas program is Dec. 18, 19, 20th and so the choir is preparing like crazy. I am helping with the kids choir and the kids are going to be A-DOR-ABLE! We have about 25 kids in the choir this year. Last year I think we had maybe 10! And then between now and then, we have all kinds of activities and therapy and such to get to!

I hope you all are doing well!

PT=Physical Therapy
OT = Occupational Therapy
ST=Speech Therapy


Renee said...

So glad to hear that Parker is doing so well!

Carrie said...

That's wonderful - I'm glad he's talking so much & doing so well!!! :)