Friday, April 9, 2010

Ah, Apartment Living

I just love living in an apartment (read: someone please get me out of here!) No, in all honesty, I love the apartment complex I live in and the area it's in. It's my neighbor I have a real issue with. Mind if I vent a moment.

1) She hogs close spots. She has two types of cars a nice convertible and a mini-van. She only ever drives the convertible. But here's what she does. She leaves it parked in the closest spot to the side walk to our apartments (we both live upstairs so we share a front porch kind of) and then, parks her convertible in the next closest spot...if she does decide to move the mini-van, she backs it out of it's spot, moves the convertible to that spot and drives off. It's like, GOD FORBID she loses that close spot. Personally, honestly, not a huge deal for's more annoying than anything. I don't park super close to our apartments I park in spots across the road just because 1) another neighbor can't park worth crap and has hit other cars before when parking or backing up and 2) it gets me exercise and I never lose my spot (no one wants a far away spot - except me).

2) Her daughters/grandkids are so rude and inappropriate. They slam their door all the time. Normally, I don't care, but when Parker is asleep or when it's hard enough to cause pictures to fall of the wall, then I am ticked. Also, the kids like to cuss - the oldest daughter is 17, she has like a 6 year old and then grandkids that visit from time to time that are all in elementary school. Her grandson's have terrible mouths. I often have my windows open and they will be outside and the boys will be cussing up a storm. It's all I can do to not go down and feed them soap.

3) The lady herself is decently nice...but has her moments. I will never forget the argument I heard through the wall in my bedroom between her and her daughter. I won't lie, I am convinced she was abusing her. You'd hear these smacks - like a hand to face smack and then shreeks of terror from the daughter. It was awful.

I like most of my neighbors, but this one in particular I struggle with. I get that we can't always catch our door before it slams, and that their apartment is there home, but when you share walls, spots, sidewalks, ect with others, be considerate. Thankfully out other annoying neighbors moved. (Oh the many times their were fights on the front porch or parties at all hours of the night.)

Thankfully, it's only just really the one neighbor that drives me looney! But seriously, I will be happy when one day I can have my own house, own yard, own front porch and not worry about someone banging on my walls at 1 am in the morning.

Ah, that was a nice vent, thanks for reading! :)

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Paula71 said...

I feel for you. We lived in apartments for 15 of the 18 years we have been married and I hated every minute of it. We seemed to always get by "those" kind of neighbors. We live in a duplex now and love it. (Neighbors not too close and the walls are thick.) The good thing is bad neighbors usually don't last too long. Call the office when it gets bad.