Saturday, May 8, 2010

Evil evil bees!

I have a huge fear of Bees. I keep telling myself if they didn't have stingers I wouldn't be bothered by them, but who am I kidding, I freak out over flys and other flying bugs. I sometimes wonder, why bees? In fact some day I have every intention of talking to God about this. I imagine it would go something like this...

Me: "Um, God, can I ask you something?"
God" "Yes my child."
Me: "Why bees? I mean I get the honey and pollination thing, but why did you make wasps and hornets and why on earth give them stingers?"
God: "Why Not? This is how I wanted them to be, they needed some way to protect themselves and they are there for many reasons."
Me: "Ok, but seriously? They make me want to constantly wear some form of netting so they can't get near me. Oh and the buzzing is creepy and I hate how wasps have those long doohickies on them."
God: "Denise, why worry now, you're in won't feel any pain..."
Me: "I am not worried, I just was curious...I always said some day I would ask you face to face."
God: "Go, enjoy your eternal home and don't worry about bees and such."
Me: "Ok God."

Ok, so maybe he would give a much better explanation...but still, I want to ask him someday about these creations of his.

And for now, I may become the lady that decides to wear a body length net when outside so that bees and such can't get to me. Wouldn't that be a sight to see?

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