Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welcome to Warsaw

So I decided to join in the fun (a day late) and show you where I grew up. I got this idea from Kelly's Blog and thought, hey, I talk about my home town, but most people have no CLUE where I am from.

I am from here...Warsaw, Indiana. Warsaw is the county seat of Kosciusko County and the populations is 12,500. Warsaw is known as the Orthopedic Manufacturing Capital of the World. We have Zimmer, Biomet, Depuy...ect. In fact my grandpa worked for zimmer for many many years and my mom works there. on top of that, Warsaw is the home of the worlds largest printing press, home to the world's largest manufacturer of projection screens, and home of the famous CoCo Wheat's breakfast cereal.

Warsaw is known as the Lake City because it is cradled among Winona Lake (home of Grace College and where I got married), Pike Lake, Hidden Lake and Center Lake.

I graduated from Warsaw Community High School in 2001. There were a ton of people in my class - over 400. Our graduation took forever (it was over 2 hrs. long.) Um Yah! LONG! I was in band and color guard. Played the clarinet.

I grew up on a farm (which sorry, I don't have a picture of). It was out in the country, we had few neighbors but a HUGE yard. I loved it, I miss it there. Part of me would love to inherit the house and move in when my grandparents are gone, but I would want to move it here...we had a ton of animals...cats, a dog, and also we had a hamster, hedgehog, rat, chinchilla, bird, bunny, frog...yah, we were total animal people! WE didn't have them all at the same time, but I lived there till was I 22 so we had a lot of animals come and go. I miss it because of all the animals we had and I helped plant flowers and such every spring. It was a beautiful there. We didn't own the farm, someone else did. But I still say we had cows and horses.

So yah, that's my home town...not really sure what else to share about it. I do miss it at times, because I have many friends there and it's quiet compared to here...but regardless, WELCOME TO WARSAW!


Marla Taviano said...

Gabe and I lived in an apartment (619 Hepler Drive) in Warsaw from January 1998 to May 1999. What were you doing during that time? :)

The Parker's said...

My whole family is from the Warsaw/Milford/Goshen area! Now I'm in Virginia, but I really miss living so close to my family members, and I miss the farmland. I actually stayed with my grandma in Milford in summer 2002 and worked at The Oakwood Inn (Syracuse) as a server. I miss it!