Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh My 2 yr. old!

Oh. My. Word. 2 year olds are something else, especially my 2 year old. Oh the stories I have in regards to Parker.

How about how when he gets mad - ah the tantrums he throws. They actually are hilarious and are so hard to not laugh at. It cracks me up. He gets mad, sits down in a humph and lays back and fake cries. Then he kind of stops and looks at you wondering how you are gonna handle it. I ignore it and less than 30 secs later he's dandy!

Or how about when we go shopping...any place we are shopping he will start yelling out vacuum. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum....over and over. It's especially funny at the library!

Ah, the great mall escape. We went to a local mall on Monday after I had my eyeballs checked and ordered my new glasses. We had some time to kill before Parker's endo. appointment so we decided to go let him play in the play area. Drew and I were sitting there, trying to get my phone to work (stupid broken phone!) and all of a sudden Parker disappears....the child ran up the steps and was hiding...nut!

Then there's Tuesday night. We had a life group get together. Our friends set up their water table and kiddie pool...Parker decided to sit in the water table and play and also, he took one of his friends shoes and wore them around...on the wrong feet.

Yah, my kid is a special one, but I love him! :)


Ali said...

So thankful that we get to experience life through the eyes of our 2-year-olds! It's a beautiful perspective.

Carrie said...

After hanging out with you at the zoo today, I think you're doing a great job with Parker - tantrums are unavoidable, and it's good to know his triggers - I thought it was great how you calmly took him out and sat with him, to help him learn to calm down! You are a good mom, and you're doing a good job!!! LOVED hanging out with you guys today! :)