Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mission Skinny Deni

Well, I slacked last week, mostly because Wed was an awful day and I didn't have the desire to do much of anything, let alone talk about how I feel like a big fat diet failure!

Well, I am up in weight...but honestly, I haven't been doing great with tracking, exercising and eating small portions. I take full blame for my lack 'o weight loss. I have the motivation - yet don't do it.

So this is basically me saying - pray that I get the motivation and actually DO it. I am so proud of what I have done so far and I don't want to stop and go back to where I was...I love that I can wear skinny jeans and leggins and look good ;)

Anyways, so sorry to be a downer...I just need to re-motivate and kick up my work.


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