Monday, April 18, 2011

Meet Me on Monday/No MPM

Hey sunshines!

There will be no menu planning on the next two mondays. This week we just are gonna try to empty out our pantry/fridge as much as possible because we will be leaving Friday for vacay to see Drew's parents up in Buffalo, NY. We will be gone through next Wed. so for obvious reasons there will be no Menu Plan Monday this week or next.

BUT! I will do Meet Me On Monday!

1) Caesar Salad or Garden Salad?
A garden salad or some variation of that. I am really not a huge fan of caesar salads, actually my favorite kind of salad is a Mandarin Orange Chicken Salad, that Wendy's stopped serving :(

2) Will you be watching the Royal Wedding on April 29th?
Of course, it's history in the making. Plus I mean, that was SUPPOSED to be me walking down the isle to Prince William. Just sayin'!

3) The last thing you spent lots of money on?
Define lots - because I mean, groceries aren't cheap. But are we talking lots as in car payments or something?

4) Window Seat or Aisle Seat?
Window please!

5) Do you know your blood type?
Yes, thanks to all the crap I went through with having Parker it is FOREVER etched in my brain. I am O+. Parker is A- , which I think means that Drew must be A-? Right? I didn't pay attention in science!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun on your vacation!! I am already starting the countdown to ours in June!!