Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Birthday for a 3 year old...

May 29, my sweet little man celebrated his 3rd birthday. It hardly seems possible that my son is now a 3 year old. Where have the past 3 years gone!?

It was a birthday weekend fit for a 3 year old! Parker's Nana and Papaw came out for the weekend to visit. His weekend started on Saturday... when we took Parker to the park...perfectly beautiful weather made for a fun time climbing, running and smelling flowers!

Following the park we headed to a local mall to walk around, let Parker play there for a bit and to get some starbucks! Following that we headed to Pizzarea Uno, where Parker made his own personal pizza!

After that, Parker got his birthday present from his daddy and me....meet the newest member of our family: Clark "Fishy" Northern. I named him Clark after Parker's primary nurse A. Clark. Parker ADORES him, he just doesn't understand why we can't pet and hold him!

Sunday was Parker's 3rd birthday. He and I headed to church where he wore a button that said "Birthday boy." He was greeted with birthday hugs and lots of Happy Birthdays. He didn't seem to care! After church we Parker requested mac & cheese and hot dogs for his birthday lunch so we came home and he had lunch. After lunch, papaw, nana and daddy came over and I went out for some me time. Parker got to play a lot with them and they all loved it. Parker got some really awesome presents, lots of cars, puzzles, a book, a video, some clothes...and lots of money! He then of course he had cake! Who doesn't love cake!

My most favorite pic of my punky! He stuck his fork in and ate the piece of cake like a popcicle...LOVE IT!

Happy Birthday my sweet punky P! I love you!


Anonymous said...

Looks like he had a great birthday!! Our boys are growing up way too fast!! :-(

Ali said...

Happy Birthday PARKER!