Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Resume's are a pain

Part of this "new path" I am on is realizing I need a J-O-B. Oh, I have a job - I mean of course besides being a mommy to a crazy 3 year old, I do have a job. A part time job at my church. Which I intend to keep because it's mostly work from home stuff (except Sundays). But the reality is, I need me some money, so that we can you know not go in to bankruptcy or end up in a cardboard box. That would kinda stink! No?

I haven't written a resume in almost 6 years and I can't find any of my old resumes. *FAIL* so I am starting from scratch. And honestly, I don't remember what the guidelines are. How many jobs do I list as past jobs? What is my objective? Aren't resumes only to be one page? Come to think of it, what the heck kind of job do I want?

Child care? Def. would love that. Esp. if I can bring Parker!
Admin? I am doing that right now for church!
Bank teller? Hmmm, I don't know if I trust myself with that much money!
Clerical or reception? I could survive answering phones and paperwork!

I want something that will provide benefits and good pay. 

I wish you all could hear me say right now, imagine if you will me sitting here whining as loud and squeeky as I can: "I DONT WANNA WRITE A RESUME!!!"

Lord help me find a good job. Help me be able to write a good resume! 

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