Saturday, October 18, 2008

Come Baaaaaack Warmth

I am a very sad woman right now...I want the warmth back...this silly fall weather has creeped up on me and I am not liking it much right now! I hate having to wear socks and long pants, I want my flip flop and capri weather back. I guess the plus side is the beautiful fall foliage (score points for a big word!). I love to drive around and see all the beautiful leaves! And it means fall festivals, which excites me!

Today has been a productive day, thus far! Got my grocery shopping done...spent 102 bucks for 2 weeks of groceries...that's right my friends, I am a bargain hunter! I spent 2 hours yesterday menu planning, making a list, going through the Ad's for certain groceries and figuring out my best deals. I was so happy to know I did it! I normally stress...I plan to do a Tuesday's Tips and go more into depth about how I save!

Parker is doing a ton better. What a scare we had the other day with the severe coughing and the doctor warning us about RSV, but thankfully, Parker is doing a ton better. He still is stuffed up, but not nearly as bad, and he coughs, but everything in there is lose now, so he coughs it up and he is breathing better. He is back to his usual happy self! Eating like a pig. We have a doctors appointment on Tuesday, so I will update with weight and info. Start praying now, he begins his Synagis shots. (Once a month for the next several months during RSV season!) I will be leaving the room and letting Drew be in there, I can't take his crying, breaks mommy's heart!

Off to get things done...have a double date, in home movie night to prep for!


Sean and Angela Glorioso said...

hi deni! i have a blogspot too, i usually put more pix on there than on xanga, tho i don't update as often. feel free to come on by. your stromboli recipe looks delish! can't wait to try it!
oh, this is angela, thegloriousangel on xanga, in case you're wondering! have a great weekend!

Carrie said...

I totally understand about the shots- SO SAD!!! When Z was 9 mos, he had to get blood taken, from his arm, and that was HORRIBLE- he just laid his head back and SCREAMED...oh, but the silence in between the screams is almost worse- that horribly sad face...waaah...I definitely cried with him, although not as loudly. :)

Dad Northern said...

Hey Denise - glad to hear that Parker's doing better. We've been thinking about you all. Had a good surprise when Holly Smith called and was in Buffalo. She spent the afternoon with us and had dinner with us at Zebb's. She said hello to all of you. She's doing quite well.