Friday, December 19, 2008

The Curious Case of Our Missing Mail

**Edit** So hubby called this morning...turns out the mail carrier some how got a note that we wanted our mail held. OOOOOKKKKKK???? I know I never put a note in there, and, I am pretty sure hubby didn't, sooooo yah. Well at least we figured out the issue. I don't know, I am annoyed, but at least i know I am getting all my mail today! PTL! **end edit**

Something is weird in our house...namely, we haven't received ANY mail in almost 2 weeks, not even junk mail, nothing. Something, to me, doesn't seem right especially since people are continually asking me if I have received a card or a this or a that. I say no, they say, hmmm, I mailed them out last week, I double check they have the right address...most do, some don't but we should still be having our mail forwarded to us. I really feel like something is up. I mean, for us not to even get FLYERS in two weeks, something isn't right. Normally by now we would also have received our cable bill and such.

It's really starting to bother me. Drew is going to call our post office tomorrow and rip them a new one, hopefully we will get somewhere. It just bothers me to think that we aren't getting any mail and that someone could be taking it or keeping it or it could have been lost. Especially considering the fact that its near christmas and people have been (possibly) sending us cards with money (like my grandma always does).

Just pray about this, that we can figure out where the heck our mail is getting to and that it's just an accident and not something bad.

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