Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank You

Thank you all for your encouraging words and prayers for Parker, he seems to be doing better. He hasn't thrown up since last night (well other than his normal spits) and his "stinky" is a lot less runny! He's been sleeping a ton, but that means he's healing. We aren't completely out of the woods. He is on pedialyte today because Dr. said if he threw up any more last night (3 more times to be exact) then he wanted him to "rehydrate" today. He has done great at taking it! I am so glad! It was a VERY long night, full of rocking and cleaning up throw up and such, but we survived.

I have a ton to do in the next few days. The in-laws are coming down for Christmas so I really should clean...either that or they are sleeping on a bunch of junk. I also should clean since we have all be sick in the past two weeks. So please understand if I don't write much on here this weekend.

Hope you all are doing well!


Carrie said...

I'm SOOO glad he's feeling better- Z has only thrown up once, and it was not fun to watch. :( Hope he gets re-hydrated today & has a good night for you!

Geri said...

Hope Parker gets better. He sounds like he's been suffering. It's so scary when they're little.