Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Happy

Just thought I would share with everyone....

PARKER ATE BABY FOOD THIS MORNING!!!! Sweet Taters...he liked um, his initial face was PRICELESS!!!

Picture to come as soon as I can get the chance to do them - I have some errands to run and my in-laws will be here soon, so I apologize if they don't get up right away!!!

Love you all!

Oh, quick question moms - now that he is starting baby food (which I hear can be a long process!) how do I work in cereal? Do I still do that every day too or what?

(And I should note, Parker still has to eat the same amount of bottles - yay for supplementing)

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Carrie said...

With Z, I just did cereal in morning & evening & added the veggies in the evening...eventually did fruit in the am & at lunch time & cereal at lunchtime, but that's not until like 8 months. I nursed Z at like 4:30 and then not again until bedtime at 8:30 and did a spoon feeding of veggies & cereal at like 6:30 or 7- to help him last longer in between. Whatever works for you! :) But yeah, keep up on the cereal, the iron is important!