Monday, December 29, 2008

Tell Tale Signs Your Sick...

1) You are pretty sure that ice is not as cold as you are, yet, the sun is not as hot as you are either.

2) You are only able to get comfy and sleep on the floor of your walk in closet.

3) You are sleeping on the floor of your walk in closet because its carpet and its right through your bathroom, which contains your porcelain sick catching container.

4) You hug said container for an hour on and off...sleep for about 20 minutes in the closet and hug it for another hour.

5) You still feel that urge to hug it, but nothing wants to come out.

6) You are so dizzy and sensitive to light and sound you consider building a bed in your closet because it's the quietest, darkest place you can find.

7) You can barely pick up your son who wants food.

8) You are sitting in bed currently writing this post, your head is throbbing, you husband is making you pasta with nothing on it, saltines are a delight and you are watching Jon and Kate plus 8.

I feel icky :(

1 comment:

Renee C. said...

You poor thing! Stomach flu is absolutely the pits. Will be praying you feel better soon.