Monday, January 12, 2009

Holy Cow! Another award? Thank you so much Sandy! I appreciate this award and that you gave it to me today, of all days, when I need some encouragement!

Here are the rules that go along with this award:

1.Say one nice thing to a man in your life.

Oh boy, Drew, I guess I just want to say I appreciate all you do and your encouragement!

2.List at least 6 ways you measure success in your life (or your blog).

1. Being a loyal and loving wife.
2. Loving my son deeply by being the best mom to him.
3. Loving others and reaching out to them.
4. Supporting important charities and giving to others.
5. Turning to my friends and being the best friends to them.
6. Not giving up.

3. Assign 5 other blogs.

Wow, five other ones huh? Hmmmm....

I don't want to be repetitive....

Ali - I love this girl, she is honest, and funny and I appreciate her friendship!
Miranda - this is a new blog I came across just recently. I really enjoy it and her honesty. It's fun to meet other women and parents that intrigue you!
Jess - another friend from real life, I love that she is my life group leader and my friend, and I love hearing her pregnancy tales!
Mel - has twins and I enjoy the pictures she shares and the posts!
Melissa - an old friend from xanga, who tells it like it is and has beautiful daughters!


Ali said...

You go girl! Thanks for the award. You are too kind. Give the critter kisses for me.

Dad Northern said...

Congrats! You're doing good.

Dad Northern