Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Parker, Life group, other things

We took Parker in for his monthly synagis shot and weight check. Parker is now a chunky 11 lbs 12 ozs. Dr. D said he looked wonderful and is doing VERY well...that's my good boy. I can't believe that I also scheduled his 9 month check up for March...9 months...seriously, has it really been almost 9 months? That is crazy! But I have to say I am glad he is doing so well. He's getting so big, I swear he is longer everyday. I need to pull out the 3-6 months clothes for him because he's almost too long for the 0-3 that he's been in for just a month. WOW!!! So Parker learned something new yesterday, he learned he had lips and can do raspberries. He does it all the time, it's hilarious! Also, he is almost sitting up on his own. He can sit for about 10 seconds before flopping over, oh and he can also almost role from back to belly, just have to figure out the shoulder flipping part! He's a big big boy!

So last night we had our first life group of 09. It was fun and I just love the people in the group. One of or other attenders is now their own life group leader, and I miss them, but am thrilled for them! ;) We had good talks and I opened up about my PPD struggles and everyone seemed to appreciate your candidness and honesty. I can't believe that I was that honest. But i am glad I was. I am looking forward to life group this season...it's going to be fun.

I got a library card last night! I don't remember the last time I had one. I got two books, Mistaken Identity (although I already know the story) and Quiet Strength, but Tony Dungy (I can't believe he's retiring). I have a long list of books I want to read, but of course I forgot to bring it, so I picked two I could remember the names of. I really want to read Multiple Blessings by the Gosselins, but its got a waiting list of like 300 some people, so I shall wait. But I am glad to have a card....I can get dvds and cds and books and I can get stuff to do with Parker.

Well I think that's it for now. This is a pretty un-interesting post, I just wan't sure what else I wanted to write. Enjoy though :)


Ali said...

We are going to miss our old Life Group!

giraffegirl524 said...

i'm so glad to hear that about parker! that's great! and i'm glad you have a group you can talk things out to!

Jess said...

Hey friend, Did you get a sitter for Friday???? I think Dave and I would be free, but I was wondering if it could be possible for us to watch Parker here??? I couldn't remember the specifics of times and things but let me know!!