Monday, March 16, 2009


Hi Friends...

After the weekend I have had, I just need to take a breather from blogging and get some rest and try to just get myself back into some form of normalcy! I will be back in a few days! and of course, if anything dramatic happens - I will make a small post...I just need a breather!

- On another note we took Parker to the dr. today for a follow up and he is a little wheezy still, but MUCH better! The dr. was happy with how he sounded considering the terrible saturday we had. We didn't get to see our ped. but one of his partners (Ali - it was yours! He was so nice!) and he said that it might not even be asthma or a bad case of it. If this keeps happening, we need to watch out, but for now, things are good. He only needs his albuterol if he is REALLY uncomfy!

Ok, so for now, I sign off to get some much needed rest and recuperation! I love you guys and thanks for being faithful to my blog!



Heatherlyn said...

I'm glad that Parker is doing better. Now you need to catch up and get some rest yourself! Having a child who is sick can be very stressful!

Carrie said...

That is wonderful that he doesn't need the albuterol as much - I am SO glad for you! :) Hope you're doing well!!! :)

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Glad you got some good news from the dr. What a scary ordeal with such a little guy!
2 of mine are on the albuterol and steroids right now too! RSV for my 18 mo old, bronchialitis for my 4 year old (I guess it's only RSV at age 2 and under?). No fun! But got some cute pics of them doing breathing treatments together posted on my blog! =)