Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Please be in Prayer *edit at bottom*

Prayers for Stellan

Dear Friends,

Please continue to stay in prayer for sweet baby Stellan and his family. Things are not getting any better and his poor little heart is so very sick.

If you are interested, please consider joining the prayer vigil that another blogger has set up. You can find that here.

For more of the story, you can kind it here.

Thanks friends! I plan to make a post later today!

I have no words right now. I can't imagine what the Mck Family is going through. I think about Parker and what he went through a couple weekends ago, but what he had failed in comparison to what this precious little boy is dealing with. I am so glad to see his family being so strong and trusting God, but I can imagine that it is not easy.

God is good, even through this trial that the Mck Family is facing. God is shining through, even if that bright light is hard to see. No, we cannot fathom God in His plans, but isn't it great to know that we have a God that loves us, a God that hurts with us, a God that feels pain with us, a God that can not be put in a box. He is so great and powerful and good, always good, always faithful.

I had planned to write today on the sermon from this past sunday, but right now, my thoughts need to be processed through. I have a lot I want to say, but today, today my focus is prayer for Stellan and the Mck family.

Father God, My heart is breaking for the Mck family. Just simply breaking. I don't understand all that is going on, but I know God, that you know and you understand and your plan is bigger and better than what we can understand. God, continue to help the Mck family be at peace. Be with the doctors and nurses as they offer their help to this family. Most of all God, please be with little Stellan. Be with his heart and his body. Help him to stop hurting and to be at peace. God if it's your will that he is healed, I pray that you will is done. If your will is that he be in your arms, I pray your will be done. I have no doubt that your plans are always the best, even if they are hard.

Father, it's in your name I pray, amen!

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