Thursday, April 16, 2009

He is why... life has changed! soul is filled! heart is happy! head hurts!
...I am stronger than I was! faith is bigger and stronger!
...I do this blog!
...I smile each day!
...I am a mom!
...I believe in miracles!
...I wash my hands all the time!
...I typcially have throw up on me!
...I also typically have baby food on me!
...I giggle all the time.
...I know how to work a baby gate!
...I have to do laundry a lot!
...I have met many new friends!
...I am doing this - Walk and Ask!

He is why I walk on April 26th! He is an inspiration, a miracle, a strong boy, a silly boy! He is my everything, he's taught me much, he's made my cry, he's made me smile and laugh and even pee my pants.

He is one reason why the March of Dimes is so important!

Parker James is why I am closer to God, closer to family and friends, closer to Drew, and why I am raising donations!

Parker James!

And now for your view pleasure:

In his Easter duds! :)

Snuggling with mommy

Meeting Fluffy at the zoo - the worlds largest snake in captivity - 300lbs 25 feet long!

I love his smile!

With a plastic easter egg!

Under the couch!

Please consider donating to our team or joining and walking with us. We are in the final stretch - the event takes place on April 26th!

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Heatherlyn said...

What a cute little guy! He's adorable!