Thursday, June 25, 2009

update on Logan

Logan was able to come home last night after 6 hours in the ER. They did x-rays which were clear and he came home on steroids, breathing treatments and his fever was still high, but not as bad.

The doctors said it could be asthma (totally like what Parker had back in March!) However - I love that you can't even diagnose it until kids are older and have had the issues over and over. Tabatha and I agree that there is a VERY good chance that just like Parker - there isn't asthma but that the doctors seem VERY quick to just say that. Just because Logan, or even Parker, had one bad breathing issue doesn't make them asthmatic - and why would you diagnose it as such if you even say that they would have to be older to know for sure.

i feel so bad for Tabatha - the doctors have been way less than helpful in Logan's case.

Anyways, the good news that he is home and doing better, PRAISE GOD.



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad he is home and doing better. It always amazes me how sometimes doctors say shit to you like that. It's like they just want you out of your hair. And it makes no sense that after one case they can't diagnose...what you have to have 38 of them before they can put their finger on it? Please...take our money and run ya turds :) Aloha...sorry about the mini rant.

Heatherlyn said...

It's difficult because despite all their schooling and practice doctors still know very little sometimes about the human body. Diagnosing is such an art/skill. I am sorry if it is asthma. That's a horrible thing to suffer from. I hope the little guys outgrow it!