Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God is Nifty

***EDIT*** PLEASE BE PRAYINGParker's NICU buddy Logan is currently in the ER, he has a high temp and has been having breathing issues. It's a scary time for his momma Tabatha. Last I heard at about 4:15 pm EST he was getting an x-ray and was ordered 3 breathing treatments. Logan is a precious boy, who has been through a lot in the past year. (For those who don't know, Parker and Logan were born 12 hours apart (P was born 1st) they were they same gestation, same birthday, same reason (HELLP Syndrome) and Tabatha and I connected through the NICU. Oh and their beds were beside each other!)
***END EDIT***

Wow, I am on a role with these God filled posts all of a sudden! Oh well, I can't help it, my faith has grown a lot in the last year and each day I am truly reminded of just how stinking cool God and also - pretty darn creative too!

Today - at the zoo - I would look at the animals and it would just strike my how unbelievably cool they are. I've been to the Columbus Zoo several times, but I never get past the amazement as I watch the most precious baby elephant in the world play with his mommy, or watch a silly monkey laying in the share eating branches. I love to tell Parker about these cool animals, even if he is more interested in eating his hat. It just astounds me. Truly.

It makes me seriously wonder how people don't believe in God. But that's just me.

You know why else God is nifty - He provides. I swear there are days I wonder how we survive with little money and bills, but he provides - always. Last year, we weren't sure what would come of Parker's birth/hospital stay/shots/dr. visits ect - I won't go into how much it's been (we'll just say A LOT! - no not a million - but a lot) and we have only paid maybe .3% our of pocket! SERIOUSLY, how fortunate we have been and I truly do believe that is a God thing. Yes, we have insurance, which sure, isn't necessarily a God thing, but considering all that we've been through - I feel very fortunate.

God continues to provide - we've found an Occupational Therapist that we will be seeing - currently we are on a waiting list - apparently OT and PT are in high demand! We have also been able to pay off one of our cars and we haven't had any overdraft charges in months (yes, that's right folks, we have had that problem.)

I just think God is doing such amazing amazing things! In my life, in the world, in my church and I am thankfully to have hope in Him!

Ok, stepping back from this God talk for today!

Hope you are having a wonderful hump day! :)


Ali said...

Praying for Logan.

God is the ultimate provider. God is so good.

Carrie said...

That is wonderful how God has provided for you - He continues to amaze me every single day. :)

Heatherlyn said...

I don't know how people who truly study the world can't believe in a God who has purposely created things the way they are. The more biochemistry I learned the more I just couldn't believe that creation was a big accident of sorts. No way.

God does look after us!