Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Little Tangent

I have a little tangent I would like to discuss. Why, well because I want to gloat about my church. Well not so much gloat as just share with you while I am proud to call myself a member of Vista Community Church.

1) Our Minister: Mike Smith is hysterical. Great guy and really just something else. He will rightfully admit that he had no intentions of being the preacher of this church, but boy has God blessed him. In the two and a half years I've known him, I have seen him grow in his speaking capabilities. He does such a great job delivering the message each week and he almost always adds in a little humor. That's just him though!

2) Our Staff: Seriously, they don't get any better, from the quirky adorable Mary Kate to the awesomely talented Justin, to the practical fun loving Brain, to my personal fav. Amber (ok so maybe she is because I work with her a lot!) the precious! I love our staff! And believe, me there are more - Cindy, our Kids Community director (whom I worked with from day 1 to help get this kids stuff off the groung) she is a beautiful human being. I adore her.

3) Worship: I pretty much leave church EVERY week pumped. I could sing and worship for hours at that place. We have an incredible amount of talented musicians, drummers, guitar rocking individuals in our church. And worship each week is just awesome. I am never bored and I love the types of songs we sing! Oh man, seriously a lot of times I almost break out in dance each week. I tend to twitch to the music alot because they rock it. Seriously - oh man... INCREDIBLE! I wish you could all hear it. I really really do!

4) Kids Community: So I may be tooting my own horn here a bit since I've been pretty involved with this area since the beginning, but I can't help it. We have a wonderful paid staff that works with our kids every week. We also have wonderful volunteers that help out each week. I love being a part of this kids community, putting my 2 cents in here and there and developing the curriculum for the toddlers. I ADORE MY TODDLERS! It's really a happy place for me! And i am pretty sure the kids love it.

5) My friends: I have an amazing group of friends at church. I have a life group I can't get enough of. I love that everyone is nice and even people I may not know well invest in me and my family. I never feel hated or unloved, in fact, I feel way over loved at times. It truly is a church of very loving people.

I just can't get enough of my church. I don't know why I am feeling led to write this tonight. I just really love it. We just recently launched a new website, that is a lot more user friendly than our old one and we are really growing as a church. We have grown a lot for a church of our size. I love that our church cares about the community and wants to get involved. Just these past two weeks we've been talking about Social Justice and Multi-Cultural Churches. It's fascinating really.

i am really blessed to call Vista my church home. I am really blessed to be a part of the kids community and blessed to have been allowed to develop a curriculum for the toddler room. I love it!

God is so good. And I am thankful for that!


Heatherlyn said...

I'm so glad that you feel happy and uplifted with your church and its members!

Ali said...

Vista ROCKS!

Sara English said...

Denise, did you read Mike's latest blog last night before you wrote this? I finally got to read it this morning and am even more in love with our church.

I agree with Ali, VISTA ROCKS!!!

Carrie said...

This is wonderful that you love & enjoy your church so much! We love our church, too, but our Pastor (one of our favorite parts) is leaving, and our assistant pastor, too, so that's sad. :(