Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Test Drive Adventure

So today we finally had the chance to test drive the cars we've been interested in purchasing.
1) Kia Soul

2) Nissan Verse!

We really enjoyed test driving the Soul - I even opened up the sun roof - which we won't be getting on our car because we can't afford! But Now I can say I have driven a car with a sunroof! It handles so well, and it's nice and roomy and not nearly as ugly as the element or the cube (have you seen that thing - UGLY with a capital EWWWW!) Anyways, we went and had the proposal drawn up and then came the hard sell. Honestly, we didn't have money for the down payment to hold the dang thing, so there was no use and pushing it. That sorta left a bad taste in our mouth (just because we were honest coming in saying hey, we are not looking to do anything but test drive...deal with it dude!) We love the Kia Soul though - and we love the green and it's really what we plan to get...but we had one more to look at - it had to blow us away and blow the soul out of the water in order for us to say we would get it over the Soul.

We left and headed to Nissan to test drive a Versa. CUTE CAR - seriously, so cute with great safety features (which they both have btw!). We had a great guy there - so funny, so kind, our age - totally far from pushy! :) We did our drive - the thing handles like butter I tell ya! Mmmmm....buttered potatoes - oops, I digress. So here's the best part, Drew is heading back to the dealership. We've driven this car all over and we are like two lights away from our turn, we get pulled over - WHILE TEST DRIVING! Turns out, the dealer tag wasn't on it - which I swear it was when we left, I really remember seeing it, but maybe I am losing my mind! They left us off with a warning - it was so funny. We got back and chatted with the guy a little and then left.

I was sold on the Versa - (only because I was dumb and hadn't asked for an overview of the security features of the soul). But when I got home I called Kia (a different one then where we were) and talked to them about it - and well, it is what we want. It makes me happy and I will feel VERY safe lugging the kid around in it!

So we plan to get a soul hopefully this weekend! I can't wait to get rid of the annoying bonneville. Oh and before I forget - we do NOT qualify for the Cash for Clunkers! Although if you asked me, we should, because the Bonneville is a PIECE OF JUNK!!!! But nooooooooooooooo - its based on gas mileage!

So that was our day! How was yours?


anorthern said...

Yea, I'm the guy who got pulled over while test driving a car. Oops.

Heatherlyn said...

We've had a kia sedona for like 7 years now. The warranty was fantastic. And the car has been a really good car. It's almost 116000 miles now and still going. :) So our experience with kia has been a good one.

Carrie said...

Having an SUV is really nice, though, regardless of gas mileage, especially with all you can stick in the back on vacation!!! :)