Monday, September 14, 2009

I don't want this to end...

I don't want my vacation to end this week, I feel like it just barely got started! That seems to happen whenever I am on vacation - about the time I really feel on vacation, it's about to end. SO ANNOYING! But I have every intention to enjoy what few days I have left. And I have a lot to reflect on as the first few days have been amazingly awesome in my book. While I honestly don't think I could possibly remember every single thing we have done, I can highlight a few things for you.

We were able to head to the Falls (literally 5 minutes away from my in-laws). It was fun as usual. We had to remain on the American side (less exciting if you ask me) as we don't have passports and they are now a must to go to Canada. Oh well, it was fun and quiet and Parker enjoyed the walking around (as he rode in the stroller). I took some pictures so I will put some up when we are home! After that, we had Denny's for dinner - which was super fun for me because we don't have that in columbus.

Saturday was my birthday. I turned half of 54 (27 if you don't know math) and it was quite possibly the best birthday ever - or a near 2nd - I don't think Drew could do anything to top my bday in 04 when he proposed. Anyways, we went to the Buffalo Zoo - which for someone who lives in columbus and is used to that one, seems small, but it really actually quite fun and lovely. It has several nifty exhibits and a rainforest which was SO MUCH FUN! There were some animals there that I have never seen before in other zoos, which was cool for me. It was fun and we got done in a little over 2 hours and I even found a cute little sign that says "Parker Rd" which I am going to put on Parker's door at home. We came home and put Parker down for a nap and then Drew and I headed to the Fashion Outlets to shop. I found a couple of cute things at Old Navy - can I tell you honestly that I had a hard time spending money on myself. It's my birthday money, yet, it's hard to buy myself something - I start to feel guilty! The grandparents took care of Parker and we met them at Outback for dinner - OMG - forgot how much I loved it!

Sunday we took a day trip to Ithaca (this is where Drew grew up). We surprised everyone at the church he grew up in and enjoyed a lunch at the McDaniel's with several families from the church. Afterwards, we toured ithaca, stopped by Drew's brother's grave and then headed to Taughannock Falls (possibly the most beautiful place on earth.) I am seriously in love with that place. And it's so beautiful.

Today was a relaxed day. Drew picked up 2 shifts at the Apple Store up here (he started there btw) and so he worked today and he works tomorrow. Parker and I stayed home and I napped while he napped - which was lovely.

We head back to Columbus on Thursday, but have two filled days between now and thursday. Carrie - are you ready???

My friend Chrissy had her daughter last night - Olivia is beautiful and I am thrilled for her. My friend Lisa should have her son tomorrow and I have other people having babies really soon too.

I do look forward to getting home, I do miss my friends and I have a lot of people to see and babies to meet :)

Speaking of babies...did anyone catch Kanye West totally being a drama queen at the VMA's last night? Poor Taylor Swift won a VMA and Kanye got up and basically said Beyonce should have won. What a total loser he is....such a sad sad soul! (BTW - did you like the segway?)

Anyways - I am glad that Antonio won HGTV Design Star!

Ok, stopping this's getting out of hand.


Marla Taviano said...

So glad you're having fun! Miss you! We love Buffalo's rainforest exhibit too!

Carrie said...

HA! I am totally ready - it's going to be so fun!!! :) (Well, my house isn't clean YET, but it will be reasonably clean when you get here). :) Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!! :)