Monday, March 29, 2010

Not My Fault!

It's not my fault that I haven't posted in forever and a day. Sorry. Ok so it's partially my fault because I could have posted early last week, but I didn't have much to when I did have something to say, Blogger wouldn't load anything for me. I think it started working again Sat night? but by then I was pooped, it had been a long week and I decided my discussion could wait. But today, I can't for the life of me remember what on EARTH I was going to type so here's what you get, some randomness ala Deni!

What's New?

Not much really. Prepping like a mad lady for Easter this weekend. You all know I work for my church (or I assume you do) and I have been working hard on a fun Easter lesson for the 2 yr. olds. We will be using a video to help teach the idea of Resurrection Eggs (which I think are only mostly awesome!). The kids will each be getting their own egg to take home with a special surprise inside. I am pretty pumped, if I had a two year old, I think this would be grand!

I started a new task as my roll as Admin. Assistant - I now perform background checks. Pretty unexciting actually...just a bunch of typing in stuff and then seeing if said person is cleared or not, but it does give me a bit of a raise!

Oh, oh, we finally got a new camera! First of all we are only able to afford the thing because of a tax return of decent size. It's a Canon Rebel XSi camera. A fancy digital SLR camera and I love it, except that it's confusing. I think I will stick with auto set for now!

Parker is doing well. He's getting huge and growing out of things that I love. He talks a lot and he's quite the testy little guy.

We have family coming into town Friday - Monday. My in-laws, whom I seriously love dearly will be here. Friday Parker and I are attending an Easter Egg Hunt Play date with some friends and then Nana and PaPaw will be here that evening. I am thinking of doing the Special Easter thing at the zoo on Saturday with them and Parker since iPad launches on Sat. and we don't expect to see much of Drew-doole.

Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and let you know I am still around and no where near dead!

Hope you are all well!

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Amy said...

easiest way to make your pics look like you know what you are doing... turn the setting to the auto no flash. Keep it there, and avoid flash at all costs... your pics will look great!