Monday, March 29, 2010

To Do Week of March 29 - April 4

Last updated 3-31-10 @ 1:25 pm
Just updated: 3-30-10 @ 11am
This is my To Do List for this week - now you do not need to read this, this is kind of for my own benefit, but hey, if you want to encourage me at all, I'd love it!

1. Lifeway to find Egg Supplies
2. Order Climb Name Tags (wait for confirmed order/write up)
3. Laundry
4. Miss Patty Cake Video (revise)
5. Prep 2 yr. old class Eggs
6. Prep 2 yr. old class crafts
7. Purchase Popsicle sticks for craft
8. Complete the needed bg checks
9. Purge and donate toys
10. Purge and donate my clothes/shoes
11. Purge and donate Parker items
12. Purge and donate kitchen stuff, bedroom stuff - donate
13. Deep clean kitchen
14. Deep clean guest bathroom
15. Deep clean Parker's room
16. Deep clean our bedroom/bathroom
17. Deep clean living room
18. Vacuum all carpet areas
19. Sweep/Mop all linoleum surfaces
20. Prep Parker's Easter Basket
21. Play group on Friday!!!!
22. Email in laws about some things (hi looking for an email oh and tell mom!)
23. Maybe learn this new camera
24. Mommies and Munchkins on Thursday
25. Email Staff about sunday
26. Update this list!

Ok so realistically, I probably won't get all of this done this week, though it's possible. But see now you can do some cheers for me! :)

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Leslie said...

You've already marked some stuff off! Way to go! :)