Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting To Know Me 4 - Answers

1) At one point in life, my family and I had over 20 cats.
2) My favorite Disney Movie is Wall-E
3) My former dentist was in the movie Hoosiers.
4) Speaking of dentists - I have a huge fear of the dentist.
5) I have broken my arm.
6) I was saved and baptized at age 12.

1) TRUE - we lived on a farm and had a lot of people drop cats off or strays show up and us, being the family we were we took them in. Well not in, all our cats were outdoor cats, but still. I loved them all!

2) FALSE - My favorite Disney movie is The Lion King, though, I do love Wall-E

3) TRUE - Dr. Steve Hollar was in Hoosiers. I can't remember how he made it in, but I am sure it had to to with 1) him being on the bball team and 2) the affluence of his family.

4) TRUE - I shiver thinking of them right now even!

5) FALSE - I have broken a toe. I stubbed it on a case of water bottles and broke it. It was nasty looking and I had to be on crutches. Just call me a clutz.

6) FALSE - I was baptized at 9, by my daddy!

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