Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Positive Polly

Just call me positive Polly. One thing I so desperately want to work on is my constant negativity and worry. Now don't get me wrong, I am a happy person, but I am also a pessimist. I definitely see the glass half empty most of the time. And it certainly doesn't help that I worry. I can literally worry myself sick at times. Last night after life group (which was AWESOME btw) I got to thinking, what do I hold to tightly too and what does God want me to give up and let him control. My list was long, but the one that I know needs immediate attention is my being a negative Nelly or a worry Wanda. For me, these go hand in hand. Just call me Nelly Wanda Northern ;)

So, I am going to make it a habit of being more positive and pointing out the good things in my life. Drew suggested that I do that and honestly, I think it's a GREAT idea. It gets me thinking more positively and if I put it down in writing and share it with all of you, then you can hold me accountable for my positivity.

Don't get me wrong - I know this going to be hard, but I am choosing to be more positive. So without further adeu - my thankful nugget for today:

- I am thankful that I get to go down to Jeffersonville and hang out with one of my best friends one Mrs. Brandee Reasor. She was my college roommate (one of them) and we are super close. She lives in Cincy with her husband and kitty's and I really miss her. So we decided to do a small day trip to get some girl time. She is my sanity, she knows me so well and she knows how to make me feel so much better. She gets me like no one else. We have that special relationship where we can just be and sit and not talk. I'll admit, living together in college was sometimes challenging - we are two different people, but we always worked through our problems. She was my special helper in my wedding. She was my go-fer, she was my sanity, she hugged me right before I went down the isle, she kept me calm, she was just there for me. And I got to be in her wedding, and it was super special to watch her get married to an amazing man. So yah, I am so excited for today. See you soon roommate!

Please Meet Brandee:

So like I said, Brandee was my hugger/sanity/helper at my wedding - and boy did I need that!

She was such a beautiful bride! And look, I wore makeup!

Ah, the "angry look." We had this running joke in college. That started one day with another friend, Brandee and I were both in a particularly bad mood that day and one of our things swore we were angry with each other. We weren't, but that friend made up this "fight" between us. Since then, anytime we pretend to be angry, we do evil eyes and get attitude!

Oh gosh, this dates me. College 2005? Yah, my hair is a hot mess, but we were trying to be cool. Notice that dorm in the background...yah, room was not to be had!

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