Friday, April 30, 2010

An Epiphany

Recently, I had this epiphany of sorts. Maybe it wasn't so much an epiphany as it was just a realization of reality.

I No Longer Have A Preemie!


You heard me. Yes, Parker will always be a miracle, he will always have a very special birth story and may remain small for a while, but he's not a preemie. Nope, Parker is a (almost) 2 yr. old. He is right on track. He's like any other kids his age, he talks like them, plays like them - he is a toddler 100%. Parker will probably remain in a low precentile for height and weight, but he will get there. And really, he's not THAT little. Well not to me anyway.

It's kind of surreal to realize this. I mean, I kinda no longer have the preemie excuse. He's at an age where he can be more independent and I don't need to be way over protective anymore. And who are we kidding, we all know I will be. After all, he is my baby and I just want him to be safe and ok.

I don't want to let go of the preemie title for some reason. It's something I talked about with Drew the other night and he asked if that's because I won't be the special mom anymore - I don't really know. I will always be special in my own way, but so much of my identity and reality these past almost 2 yrs has been that of the mom of a preemie. You get kinda used to that. Being Denise, the mom of the preemie Parker.

However, I am ready to shed this title. Parker will always remain that miracle child if you ask me, but no longer is he a preemie. He's a 23 month old.

It's pretty special.

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