Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting to Know Me pt. 2 answers

1) My favorite flower is the Stargazer Lily.
2) I have 3 siblings and 7 step siblings.
3) I am obsessed with makeup.
4) My favorite movie snack is popcorn.
5) I have never been in a car accident (as a driver)
6) I played the trumpet in the band in high school.

1) TRUE! I love the stargazer lily. I had them in my wedding bouquet and wish I could plant them all over my house. They are just absolutely beautiful.

2) TRUE! Some of you I am sure are like - REALLY? Yes, really. I have three younger siblings; Phil - he's 24; Stephanie is 21; and my baby brother Brandon - he's 18! I also have 7 step-siblings; my step mom has a daughter - Andrea and then my step dad has 6 kids, none of whom I have met. They are all much older (my step dad is several years older than my mom! ) and don't live in my hometown.

3) FALSE! I hate make up! I think most people know that about me. It's just bleh, I don't like the feel of it on my face, or putting it on, or keeping it on. Blechk. Heck, I can't even put anything on except the blush and foundation - I have no clue how to use eyeliner and I hate um the goop that goes on your eyelashes - what's it call - oh yah mascara (and yes I seriously just forgot what it's called!)

4) FALSE! I really don't like popcorn at all. Sometimes I eat carmel or kettle corn, but in general, it's one of my least favorite snacks. When I go to the movies I get Snowcaps or Bunch-A-Crunch.

5) TRUE! I have never been in an accident as a driver. All the accidents I've been in have been as a passenger. And I don't think any (if I can remember) have been the fault of whomever's car I was in. The two I do remember were both rear-endings. I also have only ever had 1 speeding ticket! I like to be a good drive!

6) FALSE! I played clarinet in band. I was in band from 7-12 grade in my freshman and sophomore year of high school I actually marched as a Tigerette (do they even still call them that?) Which is color guard! I haven't touched my clarinet since graduation almost 9 years ago. I don't miss it really.

And now you know some more about me, did I stump anyone?

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Ali said...

Ya stumped me!