Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Parker Update

Well, I realized, I haven't really updated recently on Mr. Park man (p.s. yes I now call him Park...I wish I didn't because as he becomes older this could become a problem, but, at this point, it's cute.) Anyways, an update, right, I said I would give you an update...

He's doing great. 22.5 months old, 31 inches tall and FINALLY 20 lbs. again (I think he lost a bit a weight as he had his growth spurt recently. Believe me, he is far from malnourished!) He's quite the little man now - very much a toddler. Climbs on to everything, gets into everything, mouthy (kinda of), loud and stubborn.

He's been doing great with his therapies. He remains in speech - they want him using two word phrases more. Personally, I think he talks better other kids his age or older, but I also don't want him to regress. My current plan is to let him remain in therapy until he's 2 and depending on where he is and how our therapist acts, we may just not do it anymore. It's not really a requirement anyways, I wanted it initially because I didn't want him getting I feel he's pretty much caught up to other 22.5 month olds. So we will see. Other than that, that's really the only therapy he gets. We still see his Help Me Grow case worker (and will until he's 3 or 4) and we still see his early intervention teacher, but only every other month - thank God. He's almost done with all the visits and we are already (kinda) thinking about preschool - in that, we need to get the heck out of the Columbus school system and move into Hilliard Schools, which is where we want to be (and if we lived just a couple miles north of here we would!) I don't plan to put him in preschool until he is at least 2.5, but maybe older - we'll see. No rush...he's still a baby if you ask me, except that he screams, talks and runs...babies don't do that!

Anyway, back to language skills...Would you like to see what he can say (if I can remember). I actually have a paper my ST gave me to keep track, but I don't always get everything he says because the kid repeats everything and adds a new word daily if not more. Ok - words:

MaMa, Daddy, bye-bye, hi, night-night, allgone, all done, uhoh, no, yes (yah), go, up, down, more, baby, potty, car, Parker (parter), bear (every stuffed animal is a bear...), coat, pants, shirt (shir), ear, apple, ball, moo, cup, arf-arf, spoon, owie, bird, hat, balloon (loon), shoes, cheese (chee), block, cat, sock, hair, book, help (halp), bath, foot, cookie, dog (puppy), hot dog (hot gog), hot, cracker (cacker) duck, nose, milk, truck, pig, toe, play, eat, open, push, pull, ready (reedy), quack (cack), baa, toy, choo-choo, fish (ish), yum (num), boy, Nana, Papaw, Mandi (manny), please (he says peease and shacks his head yes), two, neigh, oink, cereal, bubble, oh wow, oh yah, oh boy, robot (bot), boo, Elmo, outside or inside (side), tractor, truck, plane, star, step (tep)

So yah, the kid can talk. I swear one day he said love you after I said it. And i think there are more, but again, I can't remember them all. So yah, too bad sometimes I still have no clue what he means or wants or needs!

Let see, what else??? Well, he had his first bloody nose yesterday (I am not mother of the year on this one!) We were at Polaris, a local mall, daddy had gone to sit down for a bit and rest due to a headache and so I took parker to the food court little type play area (its all moving toys that cost too much for him to ride.) I was letting him climb on them (and watching.) i got distracted by my phone bleeping at me and out of the corner of my eye I see him running and hear a scream. I went over and he had face planted into one of the toys. I grab him and head to drew who could hear him from where he was on the other side of the food court (my son's not a quiet cryer!). As we get closer I notice blood poor out of his poor nose. It stopped bleeding super quick and he was fine, but in that moment, I felt like a complete failure.

What else? Oh, I am going with my friend Summer to a Bible Study at her church for the next three weeks. Anyways, I have never put Parker in child care at any other church (except Drew's old one he grew up in) because I have just am like, freaked out, he's so tiny and they don't know his story and all of that. Well anyways, I took him with me and put him in there, expecting tears, because I always have tears from him at our church - nothing, he goes in and plays and completely ignores the fact I am leaving. I was so happy he did well yet so mad at myself for doubting he'd do well.

I can't believe my little man is going be two soon. Where has my 2lb miracle gone...?

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Carrie said...

Wow, Denise, I'm SO GLAD he's talking so well - isn't watching their language explode just SO fun??? :)