Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting to know Me...the answers

1) I hate ricotta cheese.
2) I love people dressed up in character costumes oh, and clowns!
3) I was in Girl Scouts for 12 yrs.
4) I love to cook.
5) I love seafood...mmmm.
6) I collect Willow Tree figurines.

1 - TRUTH - I HATE ricotta cheese. Oh the texture, the flavor - yucky. This is why I don't eat a lot of "normal" lasagna. There is one person that makes it so good I could care less that ricotta is in there. But if there is anything with ricotta that I make - I substitute cottage cheese (which probably sounds really gross to everyone else!)

2 - LIE - CREEPY! I can't stand things dressed in character (I guess I should say MOST things - I would survive Disney World mostly!). I especially dislike the Easter Bunny - I don't care how cute the costume is, it always looks weird and scary. I am good with Santa though...love him! As far as clowns go - I really really really don't like them...I shudder as I think of them. Or is it shutter?

3 - LIE - It was actually 10 yrs...(hehehe) I took a two year break in 1st & 2nd grade. (Sorry Renee - you were close!) I loved Girl Scouts - loved them. Even as I got older. In fact its weird for me now that they renamed all the cookies (Carmel Delights - Samoa's - really?) I really enjoyed it in middle - high school. Oh the stories!

4 - TRUTH - Love it! I could almost go to culinary school, except I like to self teach. I love to try new things and use different spices. I find it really therapeutic (as long as Parker isn't mad at me for being in the kitchen). Come on over, I will cook for you!

5 - LIE - Yuck....I only eat Tuna, Salmon, Clam Chowder and clams. Don't you dear attempt to take me to Red Lobster, the smell in there makes me gag. And don't you dear take me to Joe's Crab shack...nope - gag. I don't know what it is about seafood, but I just can't take it. It's all just gross.

6 - TRUTH - I have 5 right now, all revolving around being a parent. So I need to just get some couple ones. But yah, I love them - a lot! I have one that I saw shortly after having Parker. It was in the gift shop and I would go in there every day and almost drool on it. I wanted it so bad, but money was tight and we just couldn't afford it. So I told myself some day I would get it. Then they stopped carrying it and I couldn't find it anywhere other than Amazon. Then one day about 4 or so months ago I saw it at Cracker Barrel and bought it. It's of a mom holding her newborn - tiny little newborn. It's just perfect!

I will do another one of these again soon!


Leslie said...

I just "borrowed" your idea on my blog! Come check it out!


Renee said...

Oops, didn't think about 1st and 2nd grade! I just remembered that you'd been in scouts as long as I had known you, and forgot that I didn't move to Indiana until the 3rd grade :-). It's always the ones that are almost the truth that are hardest to spot in this game - good one! Fun game!