Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dapper Snapper...MY HEROS!

So Parker is super skinny and tall. Which makes clothes purchasing a bit of an annoyance. He needs 18 month clothes, but his waist barely can hold 12 month clothes - 9 months sure, but he looks silly with pants that ride up like a 9 month pant. In my quest to find something to keep his pants from going to his ankles I came across this product called the Dapper Snapper. It's like half a belt and it works well!

It goes on the back of his pants and snaps to different lengths. Oh man and does it work. Finally I can keep his pants up and on. I had to order it online because unfortunately there are not any retailers in my area that sell them. The one we got was 8.99 on Amazon and it was black. They have all kinds of colors. I want to go ahead and probably get a brown one for Parker's kahki's, but I LOVE it.

So if you have a child whose pants won't stay up, try out the Dapper Snapper! (The picture below is not Parker...i found it online!)


Ali said...

Good find!

Carrie said...

I tried to post a comment last night, but I don't think it worked - these are SO COOL! Zachary is the height of 2T or 24 month pants, but his waist is STILL the size of 18 or even 12 month pants! I have to buy those adjustable waist pants, but these are SUCH a good solution! I'll definitely be investing in some before the fall - for the summer, last year's shorts fit just fine, since the length doesn't matter as much! :)

tarastitsworth said...

I need this!!!! I have the same exact problem. Pres is tall, but so skinny! Thanks for sharing!!