Friday, June 18, 2010

A Proposal of Large Cat Proportions

So over on Kelly's Blog the Show Us Your Life topic for this week is your proposal story. I decided today that I wanted to blog and I wanted to share this story...maybe because it makes me happy and brings back amazing memories of time past. 

It all went down like this...

September 12 2004

Drew had flown to Cincinnati to spend the weekend with me. It was my birthday and Drew wanted to make it special. My biggest wish was to go to the Cincinnati Zoo and see Rupert. Now if you don't know who this delightful man is, then you don't watch Survivor, or well, maybe you do and still don't know. He is my all time favorite survivor. He's from Indiana, he never won, but he always seemed to get america's vote. Wanna see a picture? 

Anyways, so on my birthday, rather than you know, go out and hang out with friends and all that, I wanted to go to the zoo and meet him. We got there as early as we could and figured out where on earth to get in line. It was blazing hot, there was little shade and we waited and waited and waited. It was a long wait, way over 2 hours...and we were about 15 people away from being in the stadium where he was....and they cut off the line. I was LIVID. I had wasted an entire day waiting to see him and didn't get to. What a waste. 

So Drew and I headed back towards the car, I was tired and angry and hot and lost it, bawled most of the walk back to the car. Drew eventually made me stop and take a break and sit was right outside the cat house. Anyways, Drew said, can I try to make your day better....I said sure, why not. He handed me a card - I read the outside, opened it and read the rest...he had written open again where you would sign (it's a tri-fold card). I opened it again and it said "Will you marry me?"

I looked at him and simply laughed. I had been crying so hard that that is all I could do. I laughed and looked at him and he was holding the ring...I just laughed more..(I know, worse response ever, right?) So after a good 3 or so minutes Drew finally said, "Well?" And I said, "Yes, of course!" 

After that we headed to LaRosa's mmmmmmm.....LaRosa's. And then my friends had planned a surprise birthday party for me back at the dorm. 

All in all a great day, even if I did have a meltdown over a stupid thing and then laughed at my Drew's proposal.

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Carrie said...

Oh, my goodness, what a funny story for a proposal!! I'm glad you eventually stopped laughing & said yes! :)