Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh The Burning Anger

I am so freaking angry right now, but the bad thing is, I can't go into much detail as to why. I will say that the anger is not geared towards anyone I know well or even personally. It's geared towards a person who is trying to hurt a friend of mine.

My heart is breaking for my friend. My friend has done nothing wrong and this person is doing anything they can to tear her apart and break her down for nothing. This person is lost and hurting themselves, but I cannot fathom how they think what they are doing and possibly accusing my friend of makes ANY sense and is ok. 

I am fuming, I am angry and I want to cry. I wish I could hug my friend, but my friend doesn't live in this area. It's absolutely breaking my heart. 

I can only pray that God would take this ridiculous, hard and incredibly impossible situation and make it turn it around and make His glory and mercy and love shine through. 

Father God, I am pleading with you tonight to be there for my friend. What my friend is going through no one should have to go through. I know that my friend has done nothing wrong and that my friend is innocent. Lord be with the person trying to make her life a living H-E-Double hockey sticks and who is just turning on my friend. I cannot see why they are doing this, but God, you know what's going on and I believe you can work this situation out. Lord help Drew and I to be someone our friend can turn to. God I love you.


Please tonight or tomorrow of for a while, please take time to pray for my friend. I can't say names or details, but God knows...he knows!

Thanks for letting me rant...

Oh I am so LIVID!


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Your friend is blessed to have you, strong and faithful prayer warrior.