Saturday, July 31, 2010

To The Lady at Denny's

Dear Loud, Obnoxious, Foul-Mouthed Lady:

I just wanted to enjoy my delicious grilled chicken sandwich in peace, but you made that very difficult. The volume of the conversation you were having was a bit insanely loud. I am not sure why you felt it necessary to come to Denny's and have a 30+ minute conversation about while you are poor, pissed, and mad at Michael.

I am sorry that you are feeling taken advantage of by Michael...and that he made you go to Canada last night and walk around the falls too long, and that you don't have money for tolls, and that there isn't fishing where you want it to be, and that he takes over your life, but could you not have found a more appropriate place to have this type of conversation.

I will say I did enjoy hearing about how Michael got mad at you for dropping his wash rag in the toilet "accidentally". That right there could have made me choke on my chicken.

I am really glad that you were drinking coffee this morning - especially with the way you were slurring. I think that and the pancakes you got will help you feel better.

Your son? Michael should be taught not to walk in the middle of road as he was doing as we were leaving. He looked to be very intoxicated and wobbly. How old is he? 32? You'd think he'd know how to not stand in the middle of a road.

I hope your day gets better, mine has, because I don't have to hear you screaming and cussing. Have a good one.

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