Friday, August 27, 2010

Just One of Those Days

Today I woke up and was in a funk...and to be honest, here this afternoon, it's not getting any better. I am in this - everything annoys me - don't talk to me - why are people so silly kind of moods.

My poor son is probably getting the brunt of it too. I feel bad - what an awful mom for blowing up at a 2 yr old for things 2 yr olds do? Argh! Darn me....I mean I got mad at him for not eating his darn beefaroni and throwing it on the floor. Big deal...he's a 2 yr old boy who had just found cheese crackers and I had eaten them.

What is wrong with me. Why is everything getting under my skin today? I mean really I must have been bit by the cranky bug last night.

Lord, please help my attitude to change! I need it so much right now...I am making myself angry for being so cranky.


P.S. I miss blogging :( I am being lazy - for shame!

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Anonymous said...

love you deni!