Friday, August 27, 2010

The Radical Read Along

Hey Hey Hey,

There is still time for you to join with me and many other's for Marla's Radical Read Along! I am getting super super pumped and I would love to invite you to join!

1. It starts on Sept. 7th with introductions.
2. Starting the 8th - 13th you will have the chance to read chapter 1 (one chapter a week for 9 weeks).
3. Tuesday Sept. 14th, Have your post regarding chapter 1 ready and posted on your blog. Hop over to Marla's blog to read her's and other's. Also, there will be an option to attach a link to your post for others to read.
4. We will repeat step 3 on the next 8 following tuesdays for each chapter.

Not sure you are ready? Can't afford it? Well, contact Marla here. A dear friend of her's has offered to help other's get the book so they can join.

Read the latest update about the read along here and sign up.

Please, join us! :)

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