Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacation: A Word Review

For the past almost 10 days we have been on vacation. This is why I have not blogged much or been around much. I needed to unplug some and just be able to enjoy my family, some rest, and time away after a very hard and long past few months.

We got here to Buffalo, NY on July 29. It was your normal 6 hour drive. Didn't leave ridiculously early, had lunch with some AWESOME friends at Chipotle (so not good for my WW diet!) and just took our time. We aren't a specific schedule that day so we didn't push. We got here to my in laws house about dinner time and just enjoyed a quiet night.

To be honest, that weekend was a blur, I was just glad to be on vacation. We did end up going to Niagara Falls, as is custom on our trips up here. We also got to visit my in-laws church. I loved it. I mean LOVE IT! There kids section was AH-mazing. It has a commons area where kids can play before signing in and heading to class. We took Parker back to his class, where he promptly played and I about had a meltdown. See to me, he is still that tiny little miracle child who I want to protect with everything I have. But he's a big boy, a 2 yr. old. The service was great - worship was totally what I needed and the service really hit me - in a great way. I am sad I can't go more, but I do intend to listen to podcasts!

Monday we enjoyed a trip to the Buffalo Zoo (which I found out is no longer free for us and our Columbus Zoo membership - boo!) We packed lunch and met up with my super awesome friend Carrie and her kiddos Z and N! It was a great time. I got to feed a giraffe - which was insanely cool. They are beautiful creatures. We walked and sweated and got burnt (well not P, but I did...and bad). I got to see a Serval up close at a little stage show and we just enjoyed our time. By the time we left, we were all sleepy.

Tuesday we were able to meet up with our friend Nichole, her daughter and fiance at Drew's favorite starbucks. It was a great to catch up with her. Since the last time we've seen her, we've had parker and she's had Ashlynn.

Thursday and Friday Drew and I headed down to Ithaca NY (Drew's home town) and enjoyed a small getaway. Our 5 year anniversary was Friday, so it was to celebrate that. We did some fun things while there. We hiked to see my favorite waterfall - Taughannock Falls. Seriously, it's just beautiful, ive been there a couple of times but never gotten to hike. It was so fun to enjoy God's beautiful creation. After that we drove and ate lunch at my favorite grocery store, Wegmans. I seriously LOVE this store and am so bummed that there is not one in Ohio. I wish I could even just find something else that has that kind of quality - sadly know stores around me do. I love their food...their selection - pretty much everything about them. After that we headed to Ithaca Falls. Then we ate at an amazing place called Boat Yard Grill - for someone who hates most seafood, I ADORED the clam chowder and salmon I got.

Friday we got up and ate at Ithaca Bakery. Talk about delicious food. I had a vegetarian bagel - holy was simply put - yummo. After breakfast we headed to Watkins Glen State Park. It is such a lovely place, so pretty, we hiked up and down the gorge. My legs were burning after the up part...oh my word. But it was worth it for the views and the time to be with my husband. We got home in time for dinner and were met by a very happy 2 year old. What a great way to spend our anniversary.

I am quite sad for vacation to be ending. To be honest, I miss it here. But I do love Columbus. It was a great time of rest and relaxation though and I am thankful for that. We head home tomorrow AM and get to see one more friend before we officially get back. It will be nice to be home, but I will miss the simplicity of vacation and the chance to be lazy!

I will do a picture post soon! :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip enjoying family and friends!

Carrie said...

I loved spending time with you guys at the zoo, too! I'm sorry you got burnt!!! :(