Monday, August 2, 2010

Shoes, Shoes & More Shoes

I love shoes....I have way to many pairs myself, but I just can't help it....I love cute shoes. And what's worse? I am obsessed with purchasing shoes for Parker - he's a 2 year old and I just adore the cute shoes you can find for little ones (not to mention ones that are on sale...that's like the end all be all, as soon as I see those, I am done...)

So naturally when I found out about the Shoe Spectacular my friend will be hosting on Aug. 9th, I was full of excitement and prayer that I would win a pair of shoes. Also, I thought, you know what, my readers need to know about this!

Ellen of Thrifty and Chic Mom and Andrea of Mom in Flip Flops2 are hosting a shoe spectacular next week!

Details are on both of their blogs! I will post a reminder at the end of the week and next Monday! I hope that you get to enjoy this super awesome shoe spectacular, I know I will! :)


ciaobellamamma said...

I bet you will adore having a little girl one day! Their clothes/shoes are so much cuter than boys'! I know I am looking forward to it :-)

tarastitsworth said...

I am a shoe lover as well!!