Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Buffet of My Life

I really want to write about a lot of things today, so please bear with me as I do. It may come out randomly and kind of messy, but I guess that's part of my brain being overloaded.

Can I just begin by saying how I loathe money sometimes. You just cannot have enough and it certainly doesn't grow on trees. If it did, I'd have way too much stuff (not that I don't now!) Drew and I are really trying to work on a strict budget and get our debit worked out. It stinks! We are building a budget currently and planning to start really being careful and tight with money. 

We've cancelled cable due to this...well not just because of this. Truthfully, TV is too addicting and I allow Parker to watch way too much and honestly, now that I have found Hulu - I'm good. :) But anyways, grocery shopping has become a bit of a budget saver. I basically make a list of all I need...I start at Aldi's and get all I can...from there, I work towards the most expensive place. I go between Kroger, Meijer and Giant Eagle. It's actually saving us money, though it takes a good couple of hours!

We are also just being careful with what we do...trying to do inexpensive family things. It's a journey, but we will get there. 

Parker - Update
I haven't updated on Parker in a while, I suppose I should. He's doing good. He's a huge ball of energy and crankiness! He's a tantrum thrower and a boundary tester, but he's hilarious and fun to spend time with. I am thinking he's finally 21 lbs, though I haven't weighed him in a while. He's really getting smart. He can put his own shoes on....sometimes. He wants to do things by himself, but gets mad if you don't help. He could eat a horse and still be hungry, he loves milk, chicken nuggets, and mac and cheese...he' eats that a lot. He doesn't like naps, but he does take them. He's into cars and Handy Manny, he sleeps on the floor most of the time. He is my silly little man!

Tot School
So I am going to be starting this thing called Tot School with Parker. My friend Carrie does it with her son Z and she got the idea from another blog. I am not planning to do it daily at this point, I just feel like that's too much too fast. But I did get some cool stuff. He will have a weekly letter, color, shape. WE will have a monthly bible verse (to go along with what he's learning at church - easy since I do the curriculum for his class!) and probably a monthly song or something. We also will talk about the weather. I will write a bigger post about this later on after I've started pulling things together. I am kind of excited...with no TV and no money to really do much out (no We Joy Sing this fall) I want to be able to enjoy time with him. We go to story time at the library every wed. We've been meeting up with friends weekly. We go to the park and play, go outside and play on the lawn, try to keep ourselves busy. I am looking forward to this and seeing my little guy grow in his knowledge!

Ok so where do I begin with this? Things just feel so unsettled right now in life. I am still in counseling and working though some major stuff that challenges me weekly/daily. I am reading Radical and being challeneged by that. Drew and I are starting marriage counseling in a couple weeks. There are some things to work through and honestly, it's gonna be good for us. Are we scared? Heck to the yah, but we know we need it. Parker is growing, I am feeling pushed and pulled. Things just feel constantly unbalanced right pray for that. We are praying about some things and such and trying to figure out the right path and so that doesn't help! So yah pray that God gives us some clear visions on things and some settledness.

Weight Watchers
Still on it, still losing weight. Down 16 (almost 17 lbs) and it's been almost 3 months already. I've been struggling. With the unsettled feelings and such I am losing track some days and motivation sometimes. But I am so proud to be in a new size and to see my chest shrinking (FINALLY!) that I will not stop. I am feeling healthier than ever!

Three Cheers for FALL!!!!! Oh my gosh, I am pumped. It's cool weather, fall color, cute scarecrow, pumpkin patch, apple picking, super fun season. Also some of the fashions are SUPER cute. Like my houndstooth shoes, sweaters, jeans, BOOTS!, hats, ect. ect. I am a fall/Christmas decoration obsessed woman, I can not lie! I just bought a cute thing for outside my door today at michaels, I am going with my friends Lani and Chris and their kiddos on Saturday to a farm for pumpkin picking, hayrides, fun times. OH MY GOSH - APPLE CIDER!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!! Sorry, I delight in the simple things....I think I should do an I love fall post...oooo, tomorrow maybe? Or after I go to the pumpkin patch so I can show off what I plan to decorate my porch with....well whatever....

So how are all of you? I love you guys!


Carrie said...

Ooh, I loved getting up to date on your life!!! :)

I am SO excited that you're starting Tot School with Parker - you will get addicted to it, just watch! :) Your planning sounds amazing & I can't wait to see what fun things you guys do! If Parker isn't interested in some things (especially crafts) at first, don't get frustrated - Z still isn't always interested in what I have planned, and sometimes it makes me frustrated! :)

I am SO happy for you with the weight loss - way to go!!! You've got me motivated to get going, especially since said your chest was shrinking - I need that for sure!!! :)

As far as fall...well, I think it came too soon this year- but I did enjoy getting out my decorations and the kids warm clothes today. :)

Carrie said...

Oh, I was also going to say that I totally understand the budget thing - since the summer we've been doing $20 a week for groceries to pay our debt down, and only eating out once a week, and we've been surviving (only because of camp leftovers and Wic stuff, really!) but I've rediscovered shopping at Aldi and it really does save a TON! I'm sorry you're feeling unsettled lately, but I'm glad you're turning to God's Word! Sorry we couldn't see you when we were in Ohio! :(

Marla Taviano said...

Way to go on the budget and the weight loss!! Proud of you!!