Friday, September 3, 2010

Poop Happens

Where do I even begin with this post other then to say - EWWWWWWWWW!

Parker was back in his room playing prior to his nap. I had been out here in the living room updating my other blog and emailing some people. As I was sitting here I kept hearing, "Uh-oh Help. Uh-oh, oh no, mommy." I was hoping he'd just go to sleep and stop, I didn't feel like getting up. But I did....and what I found was horrifying!

 - Poop - 

Everywhere. Parker had decided to get into his diaper pail and pull out his most recent stinky diaper. It was in the middle of the floor and didn't realize the poop was everywhere until I stepped on a piece, then as if I had super eye strength - it all started jumping out at me - the wall, he favorite toy truck, his hair, his bed, his hands, his face, his clothes, the floor, the door, the dresser....

- I Proceed to Gag - 

I marched Parker to the bathroom and stripped him to his diaper. Sat him on the sink counter and started the water. I then proceeded to scrub my handsome poopy man from top to bottom. It was nasty. NASTY - did I mention NASTY????? I got him cleaned up and headed to the war zone. Diaper back in pail which is now not in room and will be emptied. Picked up the little pieces all over the floor, grabbed his toy truck and threw it in the sick with hot water, grabbed my clorox clean up wipes and proceeded to go to town with them....resolve on the carpet, lysol sprayed by the gallons.

I know you are sitting there right now, laughing and probably gagging a bit...I am laughing too...but the best part was being on the phone with Drew as I walk in and having to let him go for what he titled, "A situation."

Situation indeed....a poopy war zone of a situation...complete with mommy wanting to toss her cookies.

It's clean now...and his room smells like lysol and clorox.

And me, I may need some therapy.

What. A. Day.

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Carrie said...

Ewwwww...nasty!!! I hope he gets over this stage soon (or like you said, move the diaper pail out!!!). Praying for you with all that Satan is doing to attack you right now - I totally understand not sharing everything online - definitely not all needs to be told in order for us to pray for you!!! The One who needs to know already does! :)