Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kid Friendly Crafting - Idea Forming

In an effort to save money but still have a ball with Parker each week, I am working through the idea of doing crafts with him. I am not talking like just a color page (though we do currently do that!) I am talking like, during a tot school Friday (which is our special fun day) doing a craft that goes along with what we are learning or with the season, ect. 

Side bar: We are doing tot school - kind of - I am still figuring out the structure and Parker's attention span of it all....I hope to start my weekly update post about it in the next couple weeks...because right now, all you'd get would be, "We read books today and then played." Or "Today we took a walk and looked for things that started with F..." It's getting there though!

Anyways, so I have been looking for or trying to come up with some different craft ideas. First I should note that the blog I follow regarding Tot School is a favorite place of mine for ideas! 1+1+1=1 pretty much rocks my socks with the ideas. Now, Parker may be a bit young for these, but I have a feeling I can make them much more Parker friendly. 

Here are 2 of my favorite ideas from the website (links provided - the name of the item is the link!) 

I will let you check out the post for the how to on this...but I think Parker will really enjoy it and I will get to use it kind of like a centerpiece on our table! 

I am a tad concerned that this one might be a bit to old for Parker, but I have some thoughts on how to make it him friendly. Either way, I love the outcome of the pumpkin, it's really pretty and very unique. I am also thinking of maybe doing something like this for Christmas with trees or something and making a count down to Christmas thing...not sure.

Ok one to some of my own ideas!

1) Nature Wreath:
The basic idea of this would be to take a paper plate and decorate it with leaves, pinecones, and such that you might find on a walk. I love this idea because Parker and I could take a walk and collect items as we go and here in Central Ohio, there are some great places to find leaves and other nature items. 

2) Leaf Prints:
Super easy, find leaves, take white piece of paper, put leaves under, take crayon and rub over leaves to make outlines on paper!

3). Hand Turkey:
Trace Parker's hand and use that to make turkey feathers...make a cute little paper turkey!

That's pretty cute and it could be for letter A week!

So what ideas do you have? I will plan to share each project with you as I do them! If you have any other fun crafty thoughts, please share, I'd love to snitch your ideas!


Shawna said...

These are great ideas, Denise! Thank you so much for sharing! Sometimes we get bored around here, and Im not creatively-inclined at all!!

David Erlandson said...

You are just so crafty!

Christy said...

Cute craft idea's. As for the "tot school" just what you said you're doing is perfect for his age. Don't over do it, don't go too structured, this age doesn't thrive on that. Kids learn BEST from every day life and play. Going for walks, sitting and reading, doing fun crafts, singing together, dancing, playing with blocks, legos, coloring (which can open the world of colors, numbers, letters, etc) to him. Reading the bible to him....those are the best things and he'll learn so much just from the simple things in life!

Carrie said...

I love the idea about the nature wreath for sure! Z loves gluing - I wish I had some tips about how to interest our active 2-year-old boys in crafting, but just today Z said to me, "You can do the craft and I will watch." :) So I don't know! :) But I love your ideas - I bookmarked that tree from Carisa's site, too! :)