Saturday, October 9, 2010

Loving Like Jesus - FAIL!

Guys, I am at a point where I need to scream and yell and become that person.

I desire greatly to love like Jesus, to extend grace and look past other's differences to love them like Jesus, but I just can't right now with my neighbors. I am at a point that I need to look at the rent rules we signed and see if I can talk to my office about them...because it's getting really to a point where it's just ridiculous.

Ok first, it's not all my neighbors in my building - its two families specifically. Both with young kids and parents who don't watch or discipline their children. Two families where the parents just seem to not care that their kids are wreaking havoc and being trouble makers.

1) About 6 months ago we were hanging here at home and their were a bunch of kids out playing....Parker was napping, I was back in my bedroom and my in-laws were here. All of a sudden our doorbell is attacked....turns out the kids were playing ding dong poor father in law went to answer the door and they kids had run away. I sat and watched as they came back laughing that they should do it again. Yah, I think not. My response went something like this,

Me: "Do you girls think you are funny? I'm not laughing, I have a 2 year old trying to nap and you are doing something not kind to others. If you do it again, I will talk to your mother..."
Girl 1: "It wasn't me, it was her (pointing at other girl)."
Girl 2: " Nu-uh, I didn't do she did it (pointing back)."
Me: "I don't care who did it, just don't do it again."
Both girls: Walk off and I hear "Man that lady is mean...."

Sure, I am mean, because I am doing something your PARENTS should be doing.

Sadly, this happened again last Saturday night about 9pm - except it was teenagers. I yelled out the door that if they did it again, I'd call the cops...(they didn't...but I would.)

I don't get why this kids think they can touch other peoples things...

2)  We share a little porch with our next door neighbor since we live upstairs. Durning the summer, I was growing tomatoes. The same little girl/girls who had played ding dong ditch, decided to take the tomatoes off one of my plants and throw them. I didn't know this had happened until my neighbor lady knocked on my door. She apologized and even bought me a new plant....I don't know rather or not she disciplined her or not, but it still frustrated me as I was having issues to get them to grow....

3) I used to leave some of Parker's riding toys outside our door. I stopped when I saw the neighbor kids playing on them and even kind of abusing them (i.e. they threw one of his toys at another kid...) Their parents watched as they did this and said nothing.

4) Yesterday Parker was on our front balcony playing while the other kids were down stairs. Parker dropped a toy off the balcony and I totally forgot to go and get it (I was making dinner.) Today I came home to find that it had been broken, part of it had been thrown on a roof top and the other was in the bush....

I just don't know what to do, I am at my limits with these people. The one family constantly has people over and will have music blaring at different hours of the night.

I don't want to be the person who complains, but something has got to give, seriously....the kids don't care about anyone but themselves, the parents don't watch their kids or discipline them...

I need to pray that God would help my heart not be so hardened, that and pray for patience....

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