Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So I've been Lazy

Hi Blog Friends,

I am so sorry I haven't updated much yet this week...(now granted it is only wednesday). I honestly just needed a break yesterday and today, I don't really have much to discuss. Unless you want to know about yesterday's excitement?!

1) I got up way to early and went to the dr. I had to get blood drawn for my 6 month cholesterol check. Super fun and I had to fast, which is why I do them in the morning...because I like food. Anyways, so I haven't been there since before I started WW so my dr and nurse (I see both each time...that's the thing I love about this practice, I always have the same nurse!) were so proud of me! I am too...I am working pretty hard to eat better, lose weight and get healthier. I also got my flu shot....and seriously, my nurse S, she is fabulous! I don't even feel it - she does it fast and I am pretty sure only puts the needle in just enough! She's so good with what she does, and I found out she was 4 months preggo - that's exciting!

2) Counseling - I had my personal counseling yesterday...went well, talked through some new goals...not much more to say other than I am going to be cutting back to every other week!

3) Marriage Counseling - started yesterday was intense and it's going to be good and hard...that's all I care to share.

4) Miche Bags: Have you heard about these? So after MC (which we go to at a local church) we stopped by the church's bookstore...and there I saw them, my newest soon to be obsession...Ok, they are wicked cool (did I just say that!?) What they are are bags that you buy a base and then you can change the outside "shell" as it's called. So you only ever have to by one base and then you can change the design by using a different shell... The How To Page. I must get one of these! I must...

5) Family Photos: So we finally got our family photos done yesterday! We've been trying to for the past three weeks, but rain kept it from happening. So yesterday it finally worked out, except that Parker so did not cooperate - thankfully our friend Jess, was doing it and she was awesome. I can't wait to see pictures! :) I think they will be fun, even if Parker wasn't into it.

6) Last night...I went to bed early, I was beat...

And that's my tuesday....

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Marla Taviano said...

I'm proud of you too! Can't wait to see the family pics!