Friday, November 26, 2010

Meme Friday #11

Hello Friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am writing this on Thursday night, I am exhausted but so thankful for time with my mom and my brother Phil. I rarely see him, he lives and works in Philly and doesn't travel a lot, except to come see us and he will do out and back the same day (8 hours one way - 16 total!) But he adores his nephew and visa versa!

Anywho, on to the meme's for today.

I am going to keep my question short and simple:

 Do you do black friday shopping?

My answer is no, I have no reason to. I am not looking for any deals for toys or anything. Plus, I don't like crowds or shopping around them. I'd rather stay home, sleep in and decorate!

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1. What is your favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal? 
Oh my gosh, all of it...seriously, I love turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce...yum!

2. Are you a host or a guest for Thanksgiving this year?
I was the host this year, it was simple - hubby, Parker, me, my mom and my bro. I made turkey breast rather than a whole turkey and it came out really good and moist!

3. When you think of one Thanksgiving tradition, what comes to mind?
Watching the Macy's parade and taking a nap! 

4. You have two pieces of pie in front of you and you HAVE to eat you choose pumpkin or pecan?
I absolutely DETEST pecan so I am all over the pumpkin...

5. Are you a Black Friday Shopper?
Nope! I hate it. I'd rather stay home and decorate and sleep in.

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1. Three things I must have on my Thanksgiving table: Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce (the kind from the can!

2. After eating turkey you can normally find me sacked out on the couch.

3. This is friday!

4. Today I am going to decorate the house for Christmas!

5. Oh, man, thankfully it's Friday! I am worn out from this week!

6. I am still trying to perfect the art of turkey cooking - but I am getting there!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to putting up the tree,  tomorrow my plans include nothing really and Sunday, I want to sleep some!

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Auntie E said...

No I usually do not go out there.
It's a Black Friday Question

I am Harriet said...

I'm only going to shop online today.

Have a great Friday!

@PamelaMKramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

No Black Friday shopping outside the house for me.

~ Noelle said...

I stay in...
cant deal with the madness

Mama M. said...

Ooooh, I'll have your pecan pie and you can have my pumpkin, kay?! ;)

A nap would've been soooo good yesterday! Hmmm...maybe I'll cash in on that nap today, instead!

{S.T.U.F.F.} said...

we must eat at the same table! Your favs are my favs!



TheAngelForever said...

I have not gone to stores on Black Friday in years. This morning my SIL asked me to go out at 9:00. I went with her to Sears and LL Bean. After that we went quickly to Target. Missed some of the great deals, but got a few good items that we needed.

MadeInCanarias said...

We don't have Black Friday here in Spain.

Mrs. Marine said...

NO shopping for me today!! Its too crazy!

JamericanSpice said...

No black Friday shopping for me:) No way do I want to deal with that madness

Anna said...

mahalo for visiting aloha friday on my blog! yeah, i'm anti-black friday. who wants to fight over discounted VCRs anyway?

Tammy said...

No! I sure don't. It is not worth fighting over this or that. I like to keep my stress level down this time of year, not up.