Friday, November 5, 2010

Prematurity Awareness Month

*Side note - I met to put this up on, on friday night, I do...slacker much?!*

Most of you who know me or have followed me for sometime know that I am a mommy to a preemie. My little man is now a 2 year old and mostly all caught up and is not longer really considered a preemie. Which is weird, what a change in my language, I had a preemie, now I have a normal toddler! Strange...

But just because he isn't technically a preemie any more, does not mean that I don't care about what I went through any less. If my story and my support of March of Dimes can help someone else not have to go through what I went through over 2 years ago, then I am gonna fight with all I have in my to make that possible.

I am saving the birth story (which you can click and get to on the side <-------) and special updates for Nov. 17th, but that doesn't mean I am not going to blog about a life changing circumstance.

Today I share with you some statistics and information.

First of all I had HELLP SYNDROME which is something that really isn't understood well. The scary thing is if/when I get pregnant again, I may or may not have it. I hate not knowing. Wikipedia says that normally it will happen later in pregnancy or after birth - not so much for me. I had it and gave birth at 29 weeks. It often is a variant to pre-eclampsia, which my dr. and I had just started realizing I was going to have. 

The HELLP part stands for: H - Hemolytic Anemia (which I don't think I had..), EL - Elevated Liver Enzymes - which I know I had for sure...I was in PAIN, and LP - Low Platelet Count...which I did have because I had to have a transfusion...

The exact cause of HELLP is unknown and the only treatment is immediately delivery. It's not something I would wish on anyone...

Now about prematurity in general: Here are some statistics....

* 1 in 8 babies in the US are born premature  (before 37 weeks).
* Premature birth is the number one cause of neonatal mortality in the US.
* The rate of premature birth has increased nearly 20% between 1990 & 2006
* Nearly 40% of premature births have no known cause.
* Risk factors for premature birth include maternal hormone imbalance, structural adnormality of the uterus, chronic illness, infection...
*Due to many recent advances, more than 90% of babies who weight 800 grams (a little less than 2lbs) survive. Those who weigh more than 500 grams (a little more than 1lb.) have a 40-50% chance of survival, although their chances of complications are greater.
* Most doctors define the age of viability at 24 weeks gestation.

  • Babies born at 23 weeks have a 17% chance of survival
  • Babies born at 24 weeks have a 39% chance of survival
  • Babies born at 25 weeks have a 50% chance of survival
  • From 32 weeks onwards, most babies are able to survive with the help of medical Technology

Ok so this is just some of the statistics. Pretty interesting I think

Looking Ahead:
Wed. Nov. 10 -  I will share with you some medical terms I never thought I'd know
Wed. Nov 17 - Prematurity Awareness Day - I will share our story
Wed. Nov 24 - I will share with you what these past 2.5 years have been like....and where we do from here.


Xmas Dolly said...

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed my Post. I'm following you. My last child was premature. At 7 1/2 months we found that everything was backwards meaning the baby was where the after-birth should be and.. etc. She was 3.1lbs when she was born. If they did not take her she would've drowned in her own fluids & I would've bled to death. She was so tiny I dressed her in dollbaby clothes & they fit perfect. She is now 30 yrs. old and has her own baby who is 3.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

hey denise, thank you for bringing me awareness to this! 27 weeks is too soon to give birth, but i am glad your premie baby is now a healthy toddler.
i had gestational diabetes in my 1st pregnancy and induced at 38-weeks but even that is considered full term.
i am looking forward to read your story.

Anonymous said...

Hi There!
My son was a 28 weeker, he is 3 now and still doesn't talk and has a G-tube, he doesn't play with toys, when did your son talk? did he have any problems eating? I am going to add you on twitter and hopefull we can talk!, @momstateofmind